What Sets Us Apart

We are sincere in our claim to bring added value to every project, from pre-construction to close-out. On time and within budget is our standard. In addition to our goal of being a valued resource for our clients, the following is a brief summary of value-added items that separate us from our competition.

Change Procedures

Changed conditions are common to the industry. Our process is an open book, so you will see where every nickel is charged. Our process ensures quick pricing and decision making so that changes won’t affect the flow of the project.

Shared Savings

We see the construction process as a true team experience. Your input into the success of the team can be rewarded with cost savings.


Your daily business routine doesn’t need to be altered for a single construction project. We will understand your specific needs and accommodate them from the start. Our reporting process is efficient and dynamic.


Most contractors eagerly anticipate the end of their responsibility on every project. We proactively anticipate continuing our service to you, your building and space by ensuring the warranty covers any deficient items before your maintenance dollars do.

Value Engineering

We will provide a summary of cost reducing ideas with every proposal.


Experience in the industry along with low overhead means that project value is passed on to each client.